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Filter through calendar by selecting status, type, date range.

There are several ways users can set reminders for an event or a task.

In Cases database, under the tab Notes&Emails, user can find tab SMS/Text Msgs and send text message to a party(ies) or other entity(is).

On each contact database there is a copy button that will take information of a contact: name and address.

To export records from your database, first set of data needs to be selected.

New user and his/her login information are entered in User database.

Case Summary does exactly what it's name says; it summarizes all case information.

LawAlign gives you useful feature where you can calculate date that you need.

Creating new case and assigning staff and client to a case.

This article will guide user on how to add codes to a document and generate document within Case.

To find records, enter in Find mode. You type search criteria (the value or values to find) into fields in a find request, which looks like a blank record.

LawAlign Calendar will list all events in system.

Invoice database allows user to create invoice for client, on a specific case and keeping track of sent invoice.

Documents in LawAlign can be added, edited through Document tab in Cases database.

SMS/Text Messages can be sent through LawAlign.