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Create new case, assign staff and client

Created: Aug 18, 2016 8:39 am
Topics: Cases

New Case

To create new case: 

1. Enter name of the Case in a field Case Name 

2. Enter Date of Loss (DOL)

3. Determine the type of accident in a field Type I

When user determines type of accident, important dates like SOL and NF are automatically calculated and shown on the far right side of Case Info window.  

In the section Staff, user can assign as many staff as there is in a system. After staff is selected checking box next to staff name will bring up pop-up that asks user if that staff is going to be primary.

If user is selected as primary, he/she will be assigned to each task that is entered in a case, by default.

Selecting client

Before selecting client, user must add new party or select pre-existing contact. 

1. Press the button + Add Party on bottom left corner. 

2. In the pop-up enter information about new party

or Press Select button and find contact that is already in a list.

4. Repeat this step for as many parties are there in a case. 

After parties are selected, go to Select Client, and find party that is a Client. Press the name, and client is assigned.

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