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Documents in Cases

Created: Aug 15, 2016 8:39 am
Topics: Documents

When user creates case, and assign Client to Case, folder with a name of client is created in Library that is located on server. Within client folder, folder with a case name is created. 

All documents uploaded to that case are stored in that folder.

List of documents related to the case in on the left side. Right side will show all folders and files in Library.

Documents can be manipulated through LawAlign. User can delete, open, copy, move, rename the file. 

Folders can be created with a click on a button 

Files can be added in a folder through button Add 

All options given will work when file (or a folder) is selected (checkbox next to the file (folder) name). 

Let's say you want to move document from left side to right side. 
Select file with a checkbox on left side and click Move. 

File will be moved to the right side, in a Library folder.

Track option gives user possibility to store document within a list of tracked documents ( Users - Dashboard details - My Documents - Tracked Documents ). Click on a checkbox next to the file user wants to track will send this file to tracked list. 



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