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How to Export

Created: Jan 5, 2017 3:43 pm
Topics: Search & Find, Miscellaneous

Step 1 – Find the set of records you would like to export data on. Example: Click on the find button, under staff select  username to find that users cases and then perform find. 

Step 2 – Once you have the number of records you are exporting, go to File and select Export Records.

Step 3 – Give the File a Name and save it in the desired location and save as Type Excel Workbooks. If you would like the document to open as soon as it is generated select automatically open file.

Step 4 – For Excel Options, Name your file again.

Step  5 – In this screen you will select which fields you would like to export into your excel. To select the fields from the layout that you are on make sure to be on the layout that you need to export the fields from before you do the export, so for this example Case Info. On the left side find the fields you would like to export from left to right. Once you select the name of the field click on the move button and it will move it over to the section under Field export order. 

Step 6 –  See the selected fields to be exported on the right. (Case Name, Status, Date of Loss, Source)

Step 7 –  Click export and your excel will be generated with your desired data. 

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