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LawAlign Document Generation and Merge Codes

Created: Aug 16, 2016 9:05 am
Topics: Documents

LawAlign supports the following document formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • Microsoft Word (2007 or later) .docx format
  • Microsoft Excel (2007 or later) .xlsx format

Steps to create a form template for generating documents.

1. In a Word document copy and paste the desired merge codes by using the copy button

2. After all the merge codes have been added to the document, go to the Forms – (Form Templates) tab in any case and on the bottom left side use the “+ Add Template” button to add your document to LawAlign. 

Add template to FOrms

3.  Once the document is added, it becomes a template, initially the template name will be red. This is to notify the user that the codes within the document have not been verified. 

Click on the verify button to verify the merge codes Refresh.

4. The verified codes will appear in the Merge Codes Check. Once all of the codes are verified, the template name will turn from red to blue, notifying the user that the template is ready for use.

If there is a problem with a code, an error message will pop up with the name of the code that LawAlign is unable to verify. If this happens, the name of the template will remain red. 

Click on the pencil icon to edit the template and add the code that was unable to be verified again. Save and close the document and verify the codes again.

5.  The template name will stay red until all of the codes are verified and correctly added.

6. Once the template is ready to be generated, go to the Forms tab and use the arrows to generate your documents. One arrow is to generate a single document for a case and the double arrow will generate the selected document for multiple cases. Once a document is generated, it will automatically save in the client folder and will appear in the Document tab within the case. The client folder can be found within the Library drive on your desktop. 

· Codes must start and end with XX (XXCodesXX).

· The Code name must be unique.

· Code names can be changed, as long as they start and end with XX.

· To create a custom or manual code go to the Merge Codes tab, click on add code on the bottom left side and fill in the fields to create codes. Code, Type and Value (only for Custom Codes) fields must be filled out.

Custom Code Adding

· There are 3 types of merge codes;

  • System Codes – System Codes are added by LawAlign developers, there are one or more codes for each field. (If additional codes are needed, please email the requested codes to support@lawalign.com. Include the code name, code description and code example.)
  • Custom Codes – Custom codes can be created by the user. What the user inputs in the Value field will be what appears once the document is generated.
  • Manual Codes – Manual codes can be created by the user. There will be a pop up, when the document is generated, so that the user can enter the desired value.

Codes that have the word multiple at the end of the code name (XXCaseFirmAttyNameFullAddrsMultipleXX) allow the user to generate multiple addresses, emails, dates, and etc,.

- The above example code, would generate the following;

Mr. John Smith

The Smith Law Firm

1 Main Street, Suite 100

New York, New York 11001

Mr. Michael Johnson

The Johnson Law Firm

3 Laurel Street, Suite 898

Garden City, New York 11556

  • Codes that have the word “two” “three” and etc. at the end of the code name (XXPartyVehPlateTwoXX) allow the user to pull data that is different but from the same type of field.
  • The code (XXPartyVehPlateXX), will pull in the selected parties plate number, if the user places this code 10 times in the word document, the same value will be filled in for all 10 merge codes.
  • If the Code (XXPartyVehPlateTwoXX) is in the same word document, when LawAlign comes to this code, it will trigger another pop up, allowing you to select a different party vehicle plate number. 

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